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Parachute Camp From October 17 To November 01

We are happy to announce The Fourth Paraschute Camp at our Dropzone in Chernihiv. Jumps from a height of 4200 meters will be held every day from 17/10/2020 till 01/11/2020. Our Aircraft L-410. We are waiting for everyone who wants to make a Tandem jump, start the AFF course, as well as all Experienced Skydivers.…
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Погодные условия для прыжка с парашютом в Киеве и Чернигове - Skydive Academy

Weather conditions for skydiving

"The forecast is not very good, what should we do?" To answer this question, you need to understand how predictions are made. The vast majority of weather forecasts are based on meteorological data received in Kyiv. Because there are weather stations in Kyiv, probes are launched, stratification graphs are being built ... Therefore, in fact, the weather…
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