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A few facts about AFF at Skydive Academy

  • Did you skydive in tandem and did you like it?
  • Do you want to become a skydiver?
  • Are you choosing an aerodrome for AFF (Freefall Skydiving Course)?

Here are some facts about our DZ Skydive Academy to help you make your choice:

1. Our instructors

AFF course - Skydive AcademyA team of instructors is one of our greatest values. The total experience of our instructors, both in the number of jumps and in the number of trained students, significantly exceeds any parachute club in Ukraine. For example, every year (during 2018-2020) we trained more AFF students than all the airfields of Ukraine combined.

Our instructors regularly undergo additional training and travel abroad to improve their qualifications. They also conduct classes and seminars for instructors of other aerodromes, transferring their knowledge to them. Experience and ability to work with students is the key to quality education (which, in turn, is a guarantee of a safe sports career).

2. Skydiving Rig

We use skydiving rigs no older than 3 years. There are no such new rigs that are in excellent technical condition, and such a strict rule regarding age – nowhere else in Ukraine. Safety devices – Cypres only. “Fresh” student, specialized sktdiving rigs means not only safety, but also safe piloting and comfortable landing.

3. Skydive Academy is a collective USPA member

Skydive Academy Ukraine - сертифікована USPA дропзонаSkydive Academy is a USPA Certified Drop Zone. A USPA certified specialist is constantly present at the airfield to ensure that USPA training standards (S&TA – Safety and Training Leader) are adhered to.

The use of the world’s best training methods and strict adherence to the recommendations of the world’s leaders in the parachuting industry is another of our contributions to your safety.

4. Parachute packers

The number of specialists with the qualification “Rigger” (reserve parachute packer) among our packers is the largest in Ukraine. A Rigger is a person who not only packs parachutes, but also has the special knowledge and experience to conduct routine and periodic technical inspections of parachute systems in service.

All packers and riggers undergo annual retraining to improve their knowledge and skills. We do not recruit staff every year, we invest time and money with our specialists. Because their skills in parachute packing and assessment of their technical condition are the key to your safety and comfort when deploying the canopy.

5. Landing area

HAHO Курс в Украине на Аэродроме Певцы - прыжок с парашютом в Чернигове и КиевеOur airfield measures 3.5 by 1 kilometers. There is no such landing site in any drop zone in Ukraine.

Even if the student makes a mistake on the first skydiving, the large distance to the obstacles significantly increases the safety of student AFF jumps.

6. Special student equipment

To improve the safety of our students, we provide a complete set of specialized equipment free of charge:

  • overalls (we have student overalls of any size, they will not interfere with movements and have special grips for instructors);
  • helmets (specialized, parachute, all sizes);
  • glasses (standard and those that are worn on regular glasses);
  • altimeters (are thoroughly checked);
  • radio stations (with which the student is assisted when entering the landing).

7. Airplane

Курс AFF - Skydive AcademyFor skydiving, we use the fastest aircraft in Ukraine L-410. We climb 4200 meters (any additional height is very important for the student to increase the free fall time) in just 15 minutes.

Huge side doors make student instructor offices easy and controllable. And the warmth in the cabin will not let you catch a cold.

8. Hangar and infrastructure

All life at the airfield (except, of course, the skydiving) rages in our hangar. Therefore, all 1800 square meters of its area are at your service:

  • Highly qualified manifesto for organizing your jumps (you always know when you are jumping, with whom and how much time you have left for preparation or rest). And the announcement on the loudspeaker will help you with this.
  • Accommodation and meals – at the airport (you do not need to look for accommodation or go home and back, wasting time and energy, or go somewhere to eat. This allows you to concentrate on preparation, without being distracted by anything. And this is a guarantee of quality and fast learning). If you like, you can use the kitchen to prepare your own meals, and you can also use the coffee machine and kettle.
  • Classrooms specially equipped for high-quality training: boards, projectors, diagrams, recommendations, uncoupling simulators. No other parachute club in Ukraine has such a training complex.
  • We are very strict about personal safety. Video surveillance is installed throughout the DZ, free lockers are available for visitors, and the parking lot is under constant supervision of security guards.
  • If you need to be connected in the modern digital world, there is free high-quality Wi-Fi at the airfield.
  • At your service are fully equipped bathrooms with showers (with hot water and soap), laundry (free) and comfortable toilets. And also for hot summer days – outdoor shower with cool water.

9. Weather conditions

Due to the fact that our drop zone is located far from large bodies of water, the weather is usually better than in the capital. Rains are less frequent and the cloud base, which can disturb students, is higher. Thanks to this, we have more jumping days, that is, more opportunities for effective training.

The presence of a concrete strip allows us to start jumping even after heavy rainfall and not wait until the unpaved runway is dry. A subscription to a specialized aviation forecast was signed at the airfield. We are much better able to analyze weather parameters that are critical specifically for parachutists (the bottom edge of clouds, wind speed not only in the ground, but also in heights, precipitation) than the general forecast on weather sites.

10. Skydiving camps

Every month during the season we hold a training camp lasting 2 weeks. This is the best time to get your training done in a short space of time and not stretch out the training over the entire season. As with any complex-coordinated sport, the more often you train, the better you get.

These are just a few points. And there are many others. That is why more and more students every year choose our drop zone to study under the AFF program. Be sure to come and see for yourself.

For all questions call / write by phone: +38 099 138-00-00
See you at the Pivtsy Airfield!

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