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Skydive Academy

Skydive Academy is the largest, the most trusted skydiving center in Ukraine. We providing world-class tandem skydiving, training, and sport skydiving to guests from all over the Ukraine.

  • Team of the best, experienced instructors.
  • Twin-engine aircraft L410 and an altitude of 4200 meters.
  • The largest and flattest runway in Ukraine, largest landing area.
  • Modern parachute equipment (no older than 2016).
  • Hostel and free tent city to spend a night at dropzone.
  • Clean bathroom, showers with hot water, washing machine.

Best of Professionals

Liudmyla Iakovlieva

Senior AFF Instructor

Marina Mchedleshvili

AFF Instructor and Operator

Oleh Ros

Tandem and AFF Instrustor

Oleksiy Boiarchuk

Tandem and AFF Instrustor

Oleksiy Drygaylo

Tandem and AFF Instrustor

Volodymyr Zaikin

Tandem and AFF Instrustor

Yuri Lupalo

Tandem and AFF Instrustor

Comments From
Our Clients

“To make a parachute jump was my dream and unfulfilled goal for 20 years already. Either there was no opportunity, then there was no company, or just strength of mind to go to the airfield to conquer the sky… Thanks to my girlfriend, I finally decided to take this step. It was indescribable and unforgettable! And step overboard into unknown at an altitude of 4200 meters, and 1 minute of free fall with speed 180 km /h, and five minute parachute flight through fluffy clouds. All these impressions and emotions will now stay with us for whole life”.

Alexey Mikitenko

Alexey Mikitenko

Sport journalist

“I am addicted to emotions, changes and impressions, so there is no gift for me more valuable than a storm of emotions that will be remembered for a lifetime! After all, things are temporary, impressions are forever! Many thanks to Skydive Academy! If you do not have enough thrills in life, then you should definitely go to these guys”.

Irina Aksen

Irina Aksen


“For a couple of years I have been observing a white airplane circling over Chernigov on weekends. And now, finally, our acquaintance took place! I was pleasantly surprised by the situation at the airfield. Everything is so civilized that after the jump I stayed there for another hour. When communicating with interesting people and professionals in their field, time flies by. As at any airfield, a friendly atmosphere and light fuss, everyone is looking forward to their board in order to quickly touch the sky. And a huge gratitude to the team who made it possible to experience these delightful emotions of free fall for 60 seconds once again. The case when a minute of happiness lasts an incredibly long”.

Alexandr Mihaylov

Alexandr Mihaylov


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