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Skydiving in Ukraine, Chernihiv, Airfield Pivtsi - Skydive Academy

About our Safe Piloting course

Several answers to questions about our Safe Piloting course. Who is the basic course for Statistics say that most of the injuries on landings get not swoopers at all, but ordinary parachutists. The very ones that are usually talked about - neat, careful, not a "reckless driver" (swoopers break, albeit more spectacularly, but less often). There are…
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Parachute jumps with water landing

In the summer of 2020 we held the first training camp to perform parachute jumps with a ram-air canopies and special equipment, with water landing. A remote lake was selected and prepared, and jumps were performed in diving equipment, with flippers, weapons and cargo containers. A significant amount of information has been obtained on the…
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HAHO Курс в Украине на Аэродроме Певцы - прыжок с парашютом в Чернигове и Киеве

HAHO Course in Ukraine

HAHO parachute course is not only difficult and exhausting, but also extremely useful for the student. In addition to the applied goal, which is included in the name of the program - long-range gliding flights, this course gives students a huge amount of knowledge about piloting of parachute canopy. By spending a lot of time in…
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