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How to get a USPA skydiver license - Skydive Academy Ukraine

How to get a USPA skydiver license

So, you have completed your AFF course and would like to obtain a USPA A-License? To obtain a USPA A-License skydiver license (certificate), you must: be a USPA member; have a minimum of 25 free fall jumps; fulfill all requirements specified in the USPA A-License Proficiency Card; perform 5 group jumps with the…
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Minimum and maximum skydiving height - Skydive Academy

Maximum skydiving height

Optimal height for the first parachute jump In theory, you can skydive from any height - a matter of safety and purpose. Therefore, restrictions have been set in the minimum and maximum height for skydiving. Until 2000 year, novice skydivers usually jumped with a D-5 or D-6 round landing parachute. Jumps with such a parachute are…
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Skydiving in Ukraine, Chernihiv, Airfield Pivtsi - Skydive Academy

About our Safe Piloting course

Several answers to questions about our Safe Piloting course. Who is the basic course for Statistics say that most of the injuries on landings get not swoopers at all, but ordinary parachutists. The very ones that are usually talked about - neat, careful, not a "reckless driver" (swoopers break, albeit more spectacularly, but less often). There are…
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AFF course - Skydive Academy

A few facts about AFF at Skydive Academy

Did you skydive in tandem and did you like it? Do you want to become a skydiver? Are you choosing an aerodrome for AFF (Freefall Skydiving Course)? Here are some facts about our DZ Skydive Academy to help you make your choice: 1. Our instructors A team of instructors is one of our greatest…
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Погодные условия для прыжков с парашютом в Киеве и Чернигове на Аэродроме Певцы- Skydive Academy

Weather conditions for skydiving

"The forecast is not very good, what should we do?" To answer this question, you need to understand how predictions are made. The vast majority of weather forecasts are based on meteorological data received in Kyiv. Because there are weather stations in Kyiv, probes are launched, stratification graphs are being built ... Therefore, in fact, the weather…
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