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How to get a USPA skydiver license - Skydive Academy Ukraine

How to get a USPA skydiver license

So, you have completed your AFF course and would like to obtain a USPA A-License? To obtain a USPA A-License skydiver license (certificate), you must: be a USPA member; have a minimum of 25 free fall jumps; fulfill all requirements specified in the USPA A-License Proficiency Card; perform 5 group jumps with the…
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Skydive in Chernihiv, Ukraine on May 15-16

Skydiving on May 15-16

On May 15 and 16, parachute jumps will be held at our Pivtsy Airfield, Chernihiv. Beginning at 09:00. If you want to participate in the 1st climb, you must complete the preparation and be ready to jump at 08:45! Тандем прыжки с инструктором: with a weight of up to 90 kg - 3900 UAH; with a weight…
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