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Gift for St. Valentine`s Day from Skydive Academy

“I love you”, said in the sky at an altitude of 4200 meters, what could be more romantic?

For Valentine’s Day, Skydive Academy has prepared a gift for all lovers – Free videoof your tandem jump (GoPro from the instructor’s hand).

To do this, you need to post your romantic photo on your page / story in Instagram or Facebook with the caption “I want to go to the sky with my beloved” and mark our Skydive Academy profile there.

Then write to us direct and order a gift certificate or book your parachute jump at the Pivtsy Airfield in Chernihiv for the spring. Surprise your loved one with a gift that will be remembered for a lifetime! The promotion is valid until 02/14/2021!

For all questions call: +38 099 138-00-00

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