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How to get a USPA skydiver license

So, you have completed your AFF course and would like to obtain a USPA A-License?

To obtain a USPA A-License skydiver license (certificate), you must:

  • be a USPA member;
  • have a minimum of 25 free fall jumps;
  • fulfill all requirements specified in the USPA A-License Proficiency Card;
  • perform 5 group jumps with the participation of at least 2 people;
  • fill out the USPA A-License Proficiency Card form;
  • pass the oral and written exams.

USPA A-License holders may jump without the direct supervision of an instructor, pack their main parachute, participate in basic group jumps, and perform water jumps.

USPA A-License Control Jump Procedure:

  1. Choose the method of exit that is most comfortable for you.
  2. In free fall, perform a complex of figures without taking into account time: turn to the right by 360°, turn to the left by 360°, back somersault (with a deviation of no more than 60° from the original direction).
  3. Approach to the instructor and capture from a distance of 5-6 m.
  4. Initiate the end of work and perform a run-up at a distance of at least 30 m.
  5. Make the go-ahead and open the parachute at an altitude of at least 900 m.
  6. Perform control and making approach to landing according to a previously agreed scheme.

The oral exam consists of 20 questions, the written one of 40.

The questions are taken from the USPA Integrated Student Program with a focus on the following topics:

  • cloudiness and visibility requirements;
  • operation and maintenance of equipment;
  • canopy control;
  • procedure on the plane;
  • recommendations for running up in group jumps;
  • actions in special cases.

The USPA instructor administering the exam provides or arranges for review training necessary for the student to ensure that all of the student’s oral responses are correct.

When the student successfully completes the test jump, answers all oral exam questions correctly, and passes the written exam with at least 75% correct answers, the USPA instructor signs the USPA A-License Proficiency Card and sends it to

Preparation for certification, passing exams and paperwork is carried out at DZ Skydive Academy on Saturdays and Sundays by prior arrangement and weather permitting.

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