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Experienced Skydivers

Reliable and Highly Efficient Dropzone

DZ Skydive Academy is #1 Dropzone in Ukraine. Located in Chernihiv, in 150 km from "Kyiv" and "Boryspil" International Airports, Kyiv railway station. Visiting DZ Skydive Academy is easy!

We have all the ingredients you need for the best jumps: a strong focus on safety, friendly and experienced instructors, state of the art parachute equipment, the cleanest, most modern facilities, and comfortable big airplane - L410.

Weather permitting, we skydive Saturdays and Sundays all year round.
We regularly hold camps where you can skydive on weekdays. Experienced skydivers are not required to schedule jumps in advance; however, it is always a good idea to call ahead and confirm our schedule for the day.

We maintain an active Events Calendar which includes small formation skydiving, freefly group events, hybrid jumps, canopy formation, and team training.

Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran skydiver, DZ Skydive Academy has something for you! So why wait any longer? Come join us for an unforgettable adventure just a 2 hours of drive from Kyiv, Ukraine!


Experienced Skydiver Prices

DescriptionPrice per person
Sport jump from 4200 m₴750 each
Block of 50 jumps from 4200 m₴720 each
Block of 100 jumps from 4200 m₴710 each
Control-jump with coach₴2500 each
Training-jump with coach₴2200 each
Outside camera for sport jump₴1350 each
Canopy-piloting jump from 1500 m₴650 each
Sport main canopy packing₴80 each
Rig hire; incl. Packjob₴350 each
Reserve canopy packing₴1700 each
Annual registration fee₴200 each

Offer An Unforgettable Gift

Looking for an awesome gift idea? With our skydiving certificate you can give the best gift ever, the gift of flight! Making a skydive is the perfect way to celebrate life’s most important moments!

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