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Parachute jumps on June 19, 20 and 21

For three days, from June 19 to June 21, parachute jumps will be held at the Pіvtsy Airfield, which is located 120 km from Kiev, in Chernigov.


  • Tandem jump with an instructor from 4200 m – 3900 UAH.
  • Basic training course AFF – UAH 37,575 (prepaid).
  • Sports jump from 4200 meters – 700 UAH.


  • Delivery of portioned food from the cafe of the shopping center “Epicenter” – 110 UAH / portion. It is advisable to sign up the day before the jumps or as early as possible in the morning at the manifesto.
  • At DZ you can use the stove, microwave, kettle and the like for free.


  • you can put up a tent (free of charge);
  • hostel 150 UAH (book on the manifest);
  • or you can book an apartment in Chernigov.

If you want to participate in the 1st climb, you must complete the preparation and be ready to jump at 08:45!

Registration for skydiving by phone number: +38 099 138-00-00.

We remind you that the arrival to us is not through the checkpoint of the Aerodrome, but through the streets of Ryvkin and Kosmonavtov.

Check-in to Skydive Academy

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