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Canopy Piloting

Canopy piloting and landing should be safe at all times when required and not as luck would have it, with full control over the speed and direction regardless of the skydiving discipline you prefer more and your experience. Correct canopy piloting is an integral part of skydiving and should be paid special attention to; comprising different levels our courses are specially designed for this.

  • FIRST LEVEL: This basic course lasts two days. It covers basics of piloting with jumps and includes video analysis of each landing made by you. At the end of the course, after the 10th jump, you will reconceive the canopy piloting process, grasp the differences between flight modes and parachute control techniques, gain more confidence in piloting, improve your accuracy and get rid of nervousness and fussing around when landing.
  • SECOND LEVEL: This course takes much more time and aims at learning to accelerate canopies to a maximum speed with quick long and excellent landings that at the same time are safe both for self and others.  
  • THIRD LEVEL: This is a course at which highly skilled pilots master carving, freestyle and prepare for swoop competitions.
Canopy Piloting Cource Pricing
TypePrice per person
One day of coach (without cost of the jumps)₴1500
Canopy-piloting jump from 1500 m₴650
Rig hire (incl. Packjob)₴350
Sport main canopy packing₴80
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