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Formation Skydiving

Formation skydiving, also known as RW or relative work, belly-flying, or flat-flying, is the art of building formations in freefall with multiple people gripping each others’ limbs or specially built “grippers” on their jumpsuits. Skydive Academy offers load organizing for RW jumpers every weekend.  The load organizers will plan the jumps for everyone’s fun, safety and success. This program is designed for those seeking dedicated one-on-one formation skydiving coaching.  It is ideal for everyone, from those who have just finished AFF Course to those with thousands of jumps who need to brush up on their belly skills to become AFF Instructor.

You’ll start with one on one instruction learning how to fly your own body to achieve fall rate control while moving backwards, forwards and sidewards. You’ll learn how to turn in place, docking techniques and learn how to dive and approach a target.. Once you’ve mastered these skills we move on to 3 way and 4 way skydives. Tracking is a skill that you will practice and master on every skydive.

Formation Skydiving Pricing
TypePrice per person
Formation skydiving with coach₴1980
Sport jump for one sportsmen₴650
Rig hire (incl. Packjob)₴350
Sport main canopy packing₴80

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