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Freefly is a skydiving discipline that has been growing increasingly popular in the world in recent years. Freefly is an impossibly beautiful performance that takes place on the most beautiful stage of all – in the sky, at 4,000 meters, amid giant clouds and magnificent views. You can start learning freefly on your own, but the fastest and safest way to learn and make progress is to jump with a coach. Skydivers discovered long ago that the least nerve-racking and shortest way to learn is for two beginner skydivers to perform a set of routines in the air. However, in freefly this approach may prove ruinous. Freeflyers often complain that when they assume the horizontal position, they need to make a lot more efforts to maneuver. This idea stems from the situation when even the slightest movement during freefly causes a change of speed and direction. When you make your first jumps, you have no technique to control these slightest movements, which may result in your moving chaotically in the sky. You can alternate individual jumps with skydives with a coach.

  • For individuals seeking to learn or improve their Freefly skills we provide One on One Coaching.
  • For more experienced teams or individuals, Team Training and Big Way Workshops allow a rapid and cost effective way of improving awareness and skills in a safe environment.
Freefly Skydiving Pricing
TypePrice per person
FF-jump with coach₴1980
Sport jump for one sportsmen₴650
Rig hire (incl. Packjob)₴350
Sport main canopy packing₴80

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