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Team Training

We welcome teams for training and for coaching! Make your camp a success by training alongside others to best achieve your jumps each day. Competitive skydiving, in its various disciplines is a highly challenging and time consuming sport. With the ever increasing usage of wind tunnels, the design of the very latest canopies and the constant striving to push new limits, every athlete has to give that extra bit to stay ahead of the game. We feel honored to be part of our customers skydiving challenges and as such feel we want to help out wherever we can by re-investing in the sport.

Team Training Pricing
DescriptionPrice per person
Sport jump from 4200 m₴750
Block of 50 jumps from 4200 m₴36000
Block of 100 jumps from 4200 m71000
Training jump with coach₴2200
Load-organizer for groups of more than 5 people₴0
Outside camera for team jump₴1350
Sport main canopy packing₴80
Rig hire; incl. Packjob₴350

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