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Skydiving on May 15-16

On May 15 and 16, parachute jumps will be held at our Pivtsy Airfield, Chernihiv.

Beginning at 09:00.

If you want to participate in the 1st climb, you must complete the preparation and be ready to jump at 08:45!

Тандем прыжки с инструктором:

  • with a weight of up to 90 kg – 3900 UAH;
  • with a weight of up to 100 kg – 4000 UAH;
  • with a weight of up to 110 kg – 4100 UAH;
  • with a weight of up to 120 kg – 4200 UAH;
  • photo / video filming by the operator – UAH 1700;
  • GoPro from the instructor’s hand – 600 UAH;
  • GoPro HandyCam + Cameraman – 2000 UAH.

For experienced skydivers:

There is a special offer for skydivers:
Bring Tandem Student – Get Free Jump!

  • The annual registration fee is UAH 200.
  • Sports jump (altitude 4200 m) – 700 UAH.
  • Control jump with an instructor – 2400 UAH.
  • The cost of renting a parachute system: 350 UAH (there are sizes from 150 to 300).
  • Packing: 80 UAH

For AFF students:

  • basic course (theory + 12 jumps) – 39550 UAH. (UAH 37575 upon prepayment);
  • full course to category A (theory + 25 jumps) – 76550 UAH. (72725 UAH with advance payment).


  • The delivery of portioned food from the cafe of the shopping center “Epicenter” has been organized – the cost is 110 UAH / per portion. It is advisable to sign up the day before the jumps or as early as possible in the morning at the manifesto.
  • In the cafe on DZ, you can use the stove, microwave, kettle for free.


  • you can put up a tent (free of charge);
  • hostel 150 UAH (book on manifest);
  • you can book an apartment in Chernihiv.

Be sure to sign up for jumps: +38 099 138-00-00.

You need to drive to us through the rear entrance from Ryvkin and Kosmonavtov streets (geo-point: 51.5427712,31.3004441).
Please note that there are two Cosmonauts streets in Chernihiv. Be sure to orient yourself on the map!

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