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Weather conditions for skydiving

“The forecast is not very good, what should we do?”

To answer this question, you need to understand how predictions are made. The vast majority of weather forecasts are based on meteorological data received in Kyiv. Because there are weather stations in Kyiv, probes are launched, stratification graphs are being built …

Therefore, in fact, the weather forecast for Chernihiv is based on the forecast for Kyiv. Assuming 120 km won’t make a big difference. But…

The weather in Kyiv has an initial significant feature – 2 reservoirs and the Dnieper river flowing through the city. Simply put, the humidity in Kyiv is always higher than in the nearest neighborhoods. Everyone who has lived in Kyiv can remember how the sun shines on one bank of the Dnieper and it rains on the other. This moist air mass, passing over the river, received an additional volume of water – which then pours out as rain.

Therefore, despite the small distance of Chernihiv from Kyiv, the weather in Chernihiv is always drier. In Chernihiv, there are no significant open water bodies that can change the microclimate by increasing humidity. As a result, all other things being equal, if there is cloudiness – in Chernihiv it will be higher and thinner, if there is precipitation – there will be less of them in Chernihiv, etc.

Thin clouds do not affect the performance of tandem jumps in any way. Moreover, behind the clouds there will be a bright sun, transparent air, below – an even carpet of snow-white clouds (they are gray only from below). The photos are incredible.

Precipitation – well shown by weather radar. We are in the field of view of the radars of Boryspil and Minsk, this allows us to compare the picture and assess the presence of water in the clouds. Not magic, but simple physics – water, radio waves, flares. Therefore, even when it rains, we can wait.

We have a concrete runway that does not get wet and can be operated in any weather.

We have an aircraft with a bow strut – it can operate in any wind conditions that are suitable for skydivers.

We have an open sky above us, as we are far from large airports, and therefore we can take off at any time.

If the weather is not very good now, we wait for the window, which we find on the radar, calculate its approach, and take off so as to throw the parachutists into this window.

Therefore – we are waiting for the weather at the airport. And if there is even the slightest opportunity, we will realize it.

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